About Us

Greg – The Maker

I have been mucking about in the wood shop since I was old enough to sneak into my dad’s garage. In those days, I was a skinny kid with a bad haircut. My hair grew longer as I grew older, and then fell out. I am not so skinny anymore and have long since had my own workshop. What has always remained though is my love for making and fixing things. I love to restore old furniture and try my hand at making my own stuff. 

In a world of cheap mass production of everything, its nice to own something that is different. Something unique. Something that tells a story. And that is what this project is about. I try to find the spirit and story in every piece I make or restore. 

I love to restore and renovate old pieces of furniture. I can either work with you to source the ideal piece, or renovate your existing piece. I will give advice and guidance on the finish and work to be done to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome, and that you end up with something that will last a long time. Take a wander through my blog pieces and gallery to get an idea of the sort of work that I do.

I enjoy building  new things, especially tables, lamps and cabinetry. These are all bespoke pieces and normally made from solid woods like Oak, Kiaat and Blackwood, or scraps and reclaimed woods and materials like wine barrels and sleeper wood. 

Please feel free to drop me an email on greg@ownthestory.co.za to chat.

Edith – The Marketer

“Be the person you needed when you were younger” Ayesha Siddiqi

I believe that one should be the EXTRA in extraordinary. I’ve never been the one to fit in with others even as a child, but that is exactly what makes me unique and able to see people for who they are.

After much travelling, eating incredible cuisine in different countries and meeting amazing people across the world, I find that I like helping people find their true passion. There is a sense of excitement in listening to others speak and making sense of what they are really saying. Extracting their business ideas and plans exhilarates me and makes my mind zing with energy which I transfer back into building other people’s futures.

Often people don’t know that they are brilliant or extraordinary. My mission is to put people on the path of greatness whether it’s by making those connections with other, more competent or knowledgeable people who can fulfill their dreams or by making them shine through personal branding techniques. I love marketing, especially social media because it is the modern language of connections for people you have never met, but now get to e-Meet globally on a daily basis.

Drop me a line on edith@ownthestory.co.za

As  Own the Story

When Greg and Edith met, they realized we were long lost identical twins from the same test tube. They fondly remember the look of delight and pride on their mad scientist fathers’ faces as the two of them escaped the  glowing radioactive remains of the lab in which they were hatched. 

We are proud to bring you this project and hope you get as much joy out of owning these creations as we do making them.